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  Once upon a time our ministry director had a dream in which a man handed her a deed to a property outside San Fransisco. In the dream the deed turned into precious diamonds. We knew then that the Lord's heart was for a place, removed from the temptations of the city, where new believers could be discipled. After 2 years of prayer the dream became a reality when we were given a 10 acre property in Northern California that is now a discipleship and ministry training school for youth who we led to Jesus through the various outreaches in San Fransisco and around the nation.

The purpose of the school is to teach these students to practice the presence of God in all that they do, and to discern the will of God for their lives. We do this through a rigorous schedule of prayer, worship, one-on-one discipleship, group Bible study, fellowship and work. After six months of basic discipleship we invite students into a six month ministry training school.

Most of the students have a recent history of substance abuse, but we believe in the power of God to free them and reject the world's solutions and philosophies.

The Grateful Dead often sang and old spiritual that went: "Jesus loves you best". For a deadhead turned to Jesus, there was never a truer saying.