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  The Facts of Life

Dates: The Prodigal Project began in October 1993 when a team began reaching out to the homeless youth that flock to the Haight/Ashbury district of San Francisco. A year later, we moved into a house we purchased on Ashbury Street, where we did outreach and discipleship. In 1997, we moved our discipleship to a 10 acre former Bed and Breakfast resort, four hours north of the city, while the Ashbury house continues to reach the street kids.

Accountability: We are a tax exempt non-profit ministry. Our board of directors consists of staff from the Promised Land Fellowship (San Francisco), San Mateo Vineyard and North Bay Vineyard. (Our statement of faith is available on request).

Staffing: A core staff of 10-14 (aided by faithful volunteers) all live by faith and receive no salary for their work in the ministry. If you are interested in joining us please call or email us.

Financial Support: We receive contributions from faithful Christians who believe in the vision of reaching these youth with the Gospel. Less than 15% of our overall budget comes directly from our church. Since no salaries are paid, our budget is lean and mean, but always strained. We now have about 20 students in our discipleship school, but the property has a capacity for about 50.

General Needs: The obvious, plus lots of prayer for revival among these youth and provision for the ministry.

Current Needs:

  • Mature and committed Christians to join us on staff.
  • Prayer for our Asia and Summer Outreaches. In the beginning of March a team of six people will be travelling throughtout Northern India, Nepal and Tibet (with a short-term trip to Thailand enroute). The primary mission will be toward 'new-age travelers' - many from Israel, Japan, Europe and beyond. The team will also be praying for and building relationships with those that influence the travelers and the West in general with new-age philosphy; namely Hindu holy men (sadhus), Tibetan Buddhist monks, and spiritual teachers (gurus). The vision statment goes like this: 'To proclaim Jesus Christ in those parts of the world that have had most impact upon the new-age movement as it affects the worlds youth.' Also planned this year is another US Summer Tour Outreach.
  • Short term workers to help with construction at discipleship school in N. California.
  • A house in Santa Cruz!

    The Prodigal Project
    511 Ashbury Street
    San Francisco
    CA 94117
    (415) 431-4028 

    Discipleship School 

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