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  The Prodigal Project is a ministry to the thousands of homeless and nomadic youth who identify with the 60's ideals of peace, love and spiritual enlightenment. They're the new hippies. They're becoming the new Jesus People.

Like Matthew, who by 19 had already spent several years on Grateful Dead tour and was using heroin when he met us on Haight Street in San Fransisco. Nearly four years later he is still following Jesus.

Or Anah who we shared with on Grateful Dead tour outreach and is now married to James, who was living at a Hari Krishna Temple when we met him. They are both still faithfully following Jesus.

And Curtis who was saved through an outreach in Santa Cruz, and is now at our discipleship and ministry training school in northern California.

Our heart is to reach every youth in this subculture with the Gospel. Our vision is to see many of them live it.